[Server Files] July 2008

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[Server Files] July 2008

Post  Runeselite on Mon Jul 12, 2010 2:06 pm

Hi guys, just to make people's work easier for testing / using the 2008
files, I decided to make a release since I made it for myself before.


2008 Server Files with:

- 100% English and Clean XML's.
- Working Match Agent.
- Server.ini properly configured (for people having common access
- All Updated XML's with the latest Npcset of Ijji.

2008 Client with:

- Translated XML files in the system.mrs
- Fully translated English Interface.
- Latest Updated Models and Weapons in their respective Mrs Files
(Doesn't have Updatex.mrs files, to make it easier).
- All quests / game modes / maps working without any issues.
- Organized Channel List.
- Judgement / Wedding Tops working (With shader ON)
- Monster Bible Enabled.


- Lobby
- Channels
- Game Modes
- Quest

Note 1: Please do all Zitem / shop work
yourself; as per your needs. I've included the latest Ijji
zitem,strings,man01.xml,woman01.xml and weapon.xml.

Note 2:
I've not got custom maps to work as Jacob's tut didn't seem to work for
me. Maybe I went wrong. Sorry.

Note 3: High Haven and
Citadel isn't included.

Note 4: Unpack the system.mrs
and make edits accordingly.

Note 5: You can find a
Quest/Clan Server + A runnable for it, a Runnable for October 2007
Server, etc out here. Credits to Rotana, Gunz2830, etc. for it. It's not
included here.


- KillerStefan for the Server Files and Database.
- GUNZ2830 and Jacob for the Masked / Unmasked runnables.
- GUNZ2830 for the Working MatchAgent.
- Gregon13 for the Judgement / Wedding top Fix from his Repack.
- Nayr143 for the Monster Bible tut.
- Phoenix (me) for editing all this Razz
- XZeenon for the MRS Decompiler (lol).

Have fun and please post here for any RELATED issues or to
let me know if there are any missing credits.

Note 6:
I've uploaded this on many mirrors. I request you to not make more of

I'd really appreciate if you guys just clicked the
'Thanks' () button
instead of saying it. It's a request.

Password of the RAR file : phoenix

Download Mirrors :

File Front
File Factory


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