[Modifications]Original Ijji Quest + Latest Updated Files

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[Modifications]Original Ijji Quest + Latest Updated Files

Post  Runeselite on Mon Jul 12, 2010 2:11 pm

Hi, I've released all the Latest Ijji Files in this Update and this
thread will be Updated regularly with new Releases.


-Original Ijji Quests : Includes - All latest Quest XML Files
(100% Original NPCSET of Ijji)

Download :Quest XML Files

Models: (Extract NPC.rar
in your 'Model' Folder) :

Download :NPC (Model Files)

Maps: (Extract
Maps.rar in your 'Quest' Folder) :

Download :Quest Maps

-Dumped XML Files : Includes - Latest weapon.xml , strings.xml ,
zitem.xml , man01.xml and woman01.xml

-Sets : Includes New Sets (Note: Get the latest man01 and
female01 XML's from Dumped XML's.rar)

-Weapons : Includes all latest Weapons.

-Additional Update - All Sounds Enabled - Includes the effect of
all new weapons + Character Sounds Enabled (Needs fx2.mrs)



XML Files (As per 05/17/2010)
(Includes:zitem.xml,weapon.xml,strings.xml,woman01 .xml,man01.xml)
Axium Hitman Set (Male and Female)
Sun Rang Set (Male and Female)
Travia Crying Hawk Set (Male and Female)
Reindeer Horns + White Winter Set (Men)
Reindeer Horns + White Winter Set (Women)
Fenrir Guardian Set (Men)
Fenrir Guardian Set (Women)
Police Set (Women)
Police Set (Men)
Angel Set (Women)
Devil Set (Men)
Magician Set (Women)
Magician Set (Men)
YoHawk Set (Men and Women)
Navy Set (Men and Women)
Judgement Set (Men and Women)
Axium Noble Set (Men and Women)
Wedding Set and Tuxedo Set (Men and Women) (Updated:
All files present)
Arquebus and Red Arquebus Shotguns
CK-1 Launcher
Weapons (Cakram Dagger,BowGun,NailGun,Golden
Olympus,Jaws Launcher,Thunder Bird)
Plunger Katana
Enabled Sounds (Effect.xml with effects of all new

Ijji's Biggest Mistake! Razz (A messed up,yet pro
system.mrs released by Ijji BY MISTAKE!)


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